Yeoman Warders Project

Composer Notes    
Yeoman Warders Project     
Jenny Davis

Yeoman Warders is a metaphor for raising children in a dangerous world – where parents protect and behave as the Queen’s guard, unflinching, loyal and sometimes silent in the face of ignorance, fear, even hatred. It reveals the duty of a parent standing guard where the children are free to thrive – safe in a sanctuary of parental protection, without care or worry. 

The trilogy song cycle reflects the Yeoman Warders Project mission:

  1. Come with Me (track 3),  an invitation. Performed by Jovino Santos Neto Trio, vocalists Jenny Davis & Vanessa Littrell. The lyric invites the listener into the world of acceptance, to challenge old beliefs, listen and celebrate the beauty of the truth.


  1. Yeoman Warders (track 5), a jazz saxophone quartet – score with three movements.The Prelude titled “Utopia Changes” expresses a time of innocence between mother & child in which the belief is strong that no harm will come to the child. Followed by a minor blues, representing the truth unfolding and the “standing guard” in the face of lies, untruths, even hatred. The Interlude reveals the “Mother Bear” anger toward an unsafe culture.


  1. Rearranged (tracks 4,12), a prayer, scored and orchestrated for string quartet. The album includes two versions: The Sirius String Quartet (live) and a studio version performed by the Jovino Santos Neto piano trio – both tracks with vocals. The lyrics speak (pray) of changing oneself, before asking others to change, confronting the wrenching difficulty to accept, honor (even) love, those who hate children.